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What Happens After a Wrongful Death Deposition?

No one expects to lose a loved one due to someone else’s wrongful or negligent act. Still, it happens more than most people realize. Our wrongful death lawyers at The Larsen Firm specialize in helping families recover compensation for the loss of their loved ones. We understand the grief and trauma that family members experience in the wake of this kind of tragedy. We are committed to helping families all across California seek justice for their loss.  Our team at The Larsen Firm can explain your rights and help you and your family navigate the civil court process. If you have questions about wrongful death suits in California, contact a wrongful death attorney right away.

How Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Start?

A wrongful death occurs when someone dies as a result of a wrongful or negligent act by another party. For example, if a drunk driver causes an accident that results in your loved one’s death, you could sue the drunk driver for the wrongful death of your loved one. In this situation, the drunk driver could also face criminal charges for operating a vehicle under the influence. However, the criminal charges do not change the fact that you can recover compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. 

The individuals who can bring a wrongful death action include certain surviving family members of the deceased, such as:

  • Children,
  • Spouses,
  • Domestic partners, and
  • Descendants of any children of the deceased who are no longer living.

If none of these parties exist, the laws of intestate succession dictate who can file a wrongful death suit. 

In a California wrongful death case, the court can award “just” damages to compensate for the loss of a loved one. This will typically include damages for losses such as:

  • Funeral and burial costs;
  • The estimated amount of income and benefits the deceased would have earned in their lifetime;
  • Loss of financial support of the deceased;
  • Loss of household services of the deceased; and
  • Loss of intangible support like love and affection, encouragement, and attention.

The Larsen Firm frequently utilizes economic experts to help determine how much compensation you are owed. 

How Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit End?

A wrongful death lawsuit can take a long time to conclude. After all, we will need to conduct a thorough investigation to understand what happened in the case. Then, we will conduct additional investigation to determine how much compensation you are entitled to. Wrongful death cases that proceed all the way to trial last up to two years on average. However, many wrongful death cases end with settlements. Some wrongful death lawsuits proceed to trial because the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement. In other cases, our attorneys will help you negotiate with the opposing party until you receive a settlement offer that compensates you appropriately.

After a settlement or a verdict is entered, the court will distribute the proceeds among eligible family members in a “fair and just” manner. You will receive the settlement check after funds for bills, fees, expenses, and costs of the lawsuit are paid. This process can take as long as six weeks to finalize.

See What Our Other Clients Say About The Larsen Firm

We know that our team has what it takes to effectively represent you in your wrongful death case. Check out some of our reviews from former clients.

“I found the Law offices of [The Larsen Firm] a source of support. I also feel as though some sense of justice has been served, I just wished it had never happened, however, thank you for your caring support during these difficult times. I’m so happy that you are where you are, to correct some of the social injustices that are inflicted on innocent people.” – J. A. S.

“Your law firm was very responsive to my case and kept me well informed about the progress you were making on my behalf. I am very pleased with all of your performances. I am very pleased at what I received and would like to thank all of you for a job well done. And also when you called me and told me when the check would be, it was here, and if I ever need any legal advice or know of anyone that does, you folks come highly recommended.” – R. C. M. Sr.

“Your professional team helped me gain respect for the way you handled my family case. We all know very well that we would never have gotten the results we did without a good law firm. It’s the best decision I ever made! I have a very large stack of correspondence you sent me to keep me updated throughout this case. You answered every call I made rapidly and with respect! I call that “Professional.” I have a high regard for your team!! Thank you Luke Ellis, and your staff for representing the [our] family in hard times.” – A. C.

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A wrongful death claim alone is enough to overwhelm someone. Not to mention navigating a wrongful death claim after the devastating loss of a loved one. Luckily, our team at The Larsen Firm is here to assist you. Our team at The Larsen Firm has handled hundreds of wrongful death cases with a 99% success rate. Additionally, The Larsen Firm received a top rating as a wrongful death law firm by Best Lawyers for 2021 and 2022. We will fight to ensure that the party responsible for your loved one’s death is held accountable. Our team of attorneys is committed to providing compassionate, effective legal representation for all our clients. We know many clients are dealing with a very difficult situation and need a shoulder to lean on.

If you suffered the loss of a family member and think you qualify for a wrongful death suit, contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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