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California Wrongful Death Law Firm - The Larsen Firm

California Wrongful Death Law Firm

At The Larsen Firm, we exclusively handle wrongful death and serious injury cases in northern California. If you think you may have a case it’s essential you contact an attorney right away. Our lawyers are standing by ready to talk to you about your case to hold insurance companies accountable.

What is a wrongful death lawyer?

The death of a loved one is never easy to process, but the grieving process may be even more difficult when the death was preventable. If your loved one’s death resulted from another person’s negligent action, you might be eligible for financial compensation. The legal cause of action for this type of claim is wrongful death.

The experienced attorneys at The Larsen Firm Law Firm understand that no amount of money can ever make up for your loss. We strive to help you find closure by finding justice through the California legal system. We have recovered over $950,000,000 for our clients and have a 99% success rate. Contact us to schedule a case consultation. 

What Is Wrongful Death?

California wrongful death law allows certain surviving family members or the estate to file a lawsuit for damages when a person dies as a result of someone else’s wrongful act. This act could have been negligent, reckless, or intentional. 

What is a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

What is a wrongful death lawyer? What is a wrongful death attorney going to do to help?

Wrongful death is a civil cause of action that falls under the umbrella of personal injury. Hiring a wrongful death lawyer will give you the best chance to receive the compensation you deserve. 

A wrongful death lawyer can help support you and give you space to grieve while they work to get you the compensation you deserve. Here are some of the specific tasks of a wrongful death attorney.

Investigate the circumstances of your loved one’s death

Knowing the facts about what happened is essential to present a strong case for wrongful death. This includes gathering evidence, speaking to witnesses, researching any previous relevant history, and exploring timelines. The investigators and accident reconstruction specialists at The Larsen Firm Law Firm are top in their fields. 

Determine the liability of the parties involved

Liability is not always crystal clear, and in some cases, multiple parties may be to blame. Here are some situations where a business or other entity could be held liable for wrongful death:

  • The driver who caused the fatal accident was a delivery driver working on the clock. In this case, the delivery company may share liability. 
  • A bar served an obviously intoxicated patron who drove drunk. The bar could share liability for the fatal crash.
  • A construction company doing dangerous work failed to use proper safeguards in the construction zone. In this case, the construction parent company could be liable. 
  • The local government failed to replace a traffic stop sign that had fallen over. 

These examples of liability could include an individual and the organization, agency, or entity, which could increase your potential for larger financial compensation. 

Evaluate the value of your claim

One of the essential pieces of information that you are probably missing is the actual value of your claim. Because this number can be ambiguous, especially to someone who does not specialize in wrongful death law, insurance companies are likely to make low settlement offers. The value of your claim should consider the current and future potential financial contributions of your loved one prior to death and the impact of their death on your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Advocate for your legal rights

What is a wrongful death lawyer? The best answer is that they are someone who serves as your legal advocate during this difficult time. Remember that the negligent party and their insurance company will have legal counsel. The attorneys at The Larsen Firm Law Firm will fight for your legal rights, starting with insurance negotiations and wherever that may lead. 

File a wrongful death lawsuit

If a settlement cannot be reached or the insurance company does not get involved, we are happy to file a California wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf. A wrongful death lawyer can walk you through the litigation process, make sure you file all necessary paperwork, adhere to deadlines, and be by your side every step. 

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover For Wrongful Death?

The type and amount of compensation for your wrongful death claim depend on the unique circumstances of your case. Things like the earning potential of the deceased, the relationship between you and the deceased, and the situation surrounding their death will all be considered. Here are some of the potentially recoverable damages:

  • Funeral costs, 
  • Burial expenses, 
  • Medical expenses, 
  • Loss of future income, 
  • Pain and suffering, 
  • Loss of companionship. 
  • Punitive damages (if the death was caused by intentional or egregious acts) 

Your wrongful death attorney will be able to give you a clearer picture of what you are entitled to based on the facts of your case and what you are able to prove. 

When Should I Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

The short answer is the sooner, the better. Under California law, you have only two years from the time the death occurs to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Sadly, some people spend this entire time arguing with insurance adjusters on their own. 

The experienced team of California wrongful death attorneys at The Larsen Firm Law Firm understands that this is a difficult time. Legal issues are the last thing you want to be thinking about during this challenging time. Let us step in so you can focus on recovering.

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